Hi there! I’m Patrick and welcome to Financial Grit. Financial Grit is a personal finance website bringing you practical personal finance knowledge. I’ve been obsessed with personal finance since I was high school and had my first job at a fast food restaurant. The idea of making money and managing it was so appealing that I studied accounting in college (although it would have been finance, but they didn’t have a finance major and they offered me the highest amount of financial aid - go figure).

Whether this is your first time on this site or millionth time (if you’ve visited this site a millionth time then you need to find a different hobby) I hope that the experiences I share on this platform will encourage you and help you better manage your Personal Finance IntelligenceTM.

At Financial Grit, you will find these content areas:

Challenge Reports - I show you actual results of investments made based on different criteria including:

Side Hustle Reports - I side hustle as much as I can when I have free-time (I have a full-time job, so this isn’t always possible). Each month I gather all the income and report that in these reports. I like to think that any side hustle income I report is a side hustle you can actually do NOW.

No Debt, New Car Reports - This is an odd one, but this is based on the Side Hustle Reports. My goal is to try to purchase car (or save up enough) to buy a car in cash. There are two things that are working against me and that is (1) my car is 11 years old and is dying as I speak (199,000 Miles) and (2) if you read any reports, I would need to side hustle until 2021 to get to my goal (that’s a long time). I document the savings account growth each week on these reports.

Rental Property Income Report - In 2018, I moved from Kansas to Texas and I had a couple of choices which included: (1) sell the home or (2) rent the home. I decided that if I sold the home, I would make about $5,000 after all the fees and mortgage were taken care of. Living in that home for 4 years and paying all of that mortgage made me choose to keep the home because I didn’t want it to be all for waste. In order to keep the home, I have to rent the home out. These are my reports on my rental property…(it’s not pretty, I didn’t pay a good price or put down a good down payment that warrants a great return).

The Grit - The Grit is me spitting my brain of information. If you were my students in my class, you would know that I am an open book and if you ask any question regarding personal finance I will answer it. The conversation would be 40 minutes, but I would do my best to answer it. Well, I use The Grit as the blog for this site and give out different personal opinions or knowledge of personal finance. Some information here is ADVANCE KNOWLEDGE meaning that you might not have the resources, the basic understanding or the patience to execute some of these ideas, but if you do have the basics, then maybe these blog posts will be very valuable to you.