$150 Investing Challenge - August 2019 Report

$150 Investing Challenge - August Report

I have been doing the $150 Investing Challenge since January 29th, 2018. This is the results of investing $150 each month for over a year.


As of 8/30/2019 investment date (all $150 Investing Challenge investments are made between the 26 - 30th of each month):

Investment Month Number: 20
Amount Invested Each Month: $150.00
Funds: Large Cap Index Fund, Medium Cap Index Fund, Small Cap Index Fund, and International Index Fund
Total Amount Invested: $3,000.00
Total Account Value: $3,086.00
Total Expected Value: $3,172.11
Total Annualized Rate Return: 3.56%


During the month of August, there was a lot of back and forth regarding trade in the United States, especially when it comes to a September deadline. Due to this, we actually saw our annualized rate of return decrease and our total account value to decrease when compared to our expected value. Our expected value is based on a 7% annualized return. So literally, we are way below the expected amount after 20 months. This happens and all I can say is that I’m sticking to it because that is what you’re suppose to do (at least that is what personal financial professionals tell us).

When we break it down as far as our different funds we get a sneak peek of how the 3.56% is made up of:

  • Small Cap: -2.44%

  • Medium Cap: 5.16%

  • Large Cap: 10.91%

  • International: 0.07%

From my observations, the small caps are obviously dragging down the results. International markets are a little weak and have been, so that is definately dragging down the portfolio results. I am actually a little surprised the large-cap is high, but that may be due to the safety of those large-cap stocks with the swing in the market.

In the past month, I have revamped my tracking excel because I didn’t like how I had it in the past, so the numbers may be a bit different than expected because the old document just didn’t do the numbers justice.

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Until September, see you later.