S&P 500 Index Fund - June 2019 Report

S&P 500 Index Fund Challenge - June 2019

A little background if you stumbled upon this Challenge Report. I started these challenges in 2018 as a way to show everyday people how investing and saving for your future is as easy as putting a little money aside and growing it using investment securities. As I developed these challenges, I wanted the amount that was saved to be affordable to anybody who was reading these reports. In the S&P 500 Challenge, I commit $65 per month to an S&P 500 index fund. The goal is to keep it there for as long as it takes (30 + years long). This isn’t my retirement plan, but in order for readers to actually see it work, I have to make this longer than just 5 or 6 years. So as long as blogs and websites are still a thing 30 years from now, I’ll keep reporting on it month by month.


As of 6/13/2019 investment date (all S&P 500 investments are made between the 10 - 15th of each month):

Investment Month Number: 17
Amount Invested Each Month: $65.00
Funds: S&P 500 Index Fund
Total Amount Invested: $1,105.00
Total Account Value: $1,171.86
Total Expected Value: $1,1158.10*
Total Annual Interest Rate Return: 8.75%


A few days prior to my purchase we had 5 consecutive days of gains in the S&P 500 and in the two days prior to the purchase there was gains. The market was moving up and that had a drastic impact on the results for this month. Those 7 days of gains resulted in the market being up by 5.36%.

The cool part for this month is that we have exceeded the 7% expected value by $13.76. It won’t last because the markets go up and down with the wind, but knowing that I have had months of losses and now were back to gains is awesome.

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Until July, see you later.

*Total Expected Value Calculation (Using a TVM Calculator)
Annuity Due Calculation - BEG on BA-II PLUS
N = 16
P/Y = 12
I/Y = 7%
PV = $0
PMT = -$65
FV = ? (Calculated to $1,093.10 + $65.00 = $1,158.10)