S&P 500 Index Fund - September 2019 Report

S&P 500 Index Fund Challenge - September 2019

Each month, I put $65 in an investment account and invest that money in an S&P 500 index fund. The goal? Well, it really is to show individuals that it doesn’t take much to get started and invest in your future. So we’re doing it each and every month to see it grow (or sink) and show you the results in real life.


As of 9/12/2019 investment date (all S&P 500 investments are made between the 10 - 15th of each month):

Investment Month Number: 20
Amount Invested Each Month: $65.00
Funds: S&P 500 Index Fund
Total Amount Invested: $1,300.00
Total Account Value: $1,423.52
Total Expected Value: $1,390.19
Total Annualized Rate Return: 11.33%


We did really good in the return rate. This was due to the fall of the market in August and then the increase in the market, leading up to our purchase on 9/12. So what you are seeing is really the last half of the month’s gain instead of the entire months. However, a 11.33% annualized rate of return is really good. We are basically up $33 from our expected value and we will help it will continue into the late future.

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Until August, see you later.