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A challenge is a task that takes effort and discipline to execute. The results are usually positive, but not always. The key to a challenge is to try anyways and see what you can achieve.

When you read financial blogs or articles, you’ll notice there is a lot of talk about “if you did this 30 years ago, you would be a ______________!” The problem with these articles is that the knowledge in them is all theoretical because nobody really had practical experience in achieving that financial goal - it was all done through financial modeling (if you don’t know what financial modeling is, think back to grade school and trying to do estimates or way advance math).

At Financial Grit, I actually want to show you our results and I summarize them in my monthly challenge reports. I do not provide investment advice because I want you to do your own research on investment options, therefore I use broad categories to explain the investment choices I made and the results are actual results from money I’ve invested into the market (no theory here, just factual results).

At Financial Grit, I have 3 investment challenges:

As I developed these challenges in 2018, I wanted to make sure that each challenge was easy enough that anybody can really do them, both in choices and in the amount invested. The lowest investment challenge is $65.00 per month and the highest challenge is $150 per month. I believe these are great starting amounts for anyone who is looking to invest in the equities market.

For detail information on these challenges, make sure to click on the above challenge name. Otherwise below are the most recent investment challenge reports.