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Its August 2019 and I want to buy a home badly…in 2020.

I have always believed that home ownership was a vital part of achieving financial freedom and growing wealth long-term. But when I moved from Kansas to Texas in 2018, I didn’t really know if I was going to stay around because of how my contract with my new employer was written. Although I could still be fired tomorrow, the likelihood is less and less each day. Since I didn’t know where I would be in two years, it just made sense to rent an apartment and boy did I.

On my latest statement of charges, my rent was: $1,272 per month. That was the basic rent, that didn’t include the other required fees and some “optional items” that brings the total bill to $1,342. Nobody likes throwing money at rent.

As I signed my rental contract for the second time, I just knew that it was time to buy a home…next year. But unlike buying groceries at the grocery store, there are a lot of things you have to put in place before you can actually buy a home. Planning is important in this case. This page is a journey to all of the decisions I am currently making and have made on my way to buying a home in 2020.

Posts will be sporadic, but I’ll post my thoughts at least on a bi-weekly basis if not weekly. I home you enjoy this journey as much as I will when I hand a check for like a lot of money to someone I don’t even know.

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