Week 32 - No Debt New Car Savings

Week 32 is upon us and the numbers are consistent to last week, but that will soon change as we head into Week 33 and 34…and it won’t be good.

To understand the basics, check out my first week’s blog where I talk a lot about this entire breakdown by clicking here.

In week 32, I was able to add the following:

Mileage Reimbursement:                                                $139.20

New Car Savings:                                                               $67.85

Interest Earned on Savings: $11.59

Total Addition to the New Car Fund:                          $218.64

After 32 weeks, I should be able to save $25,000 in 22.5 months or 1.9 years. The average of the last 10 weeks was $176.06. The above average savings is primarily due to it being summer and I have time off from work, but I probably could have saved another $60 if I was able to side hustle on Saturday, more on that later.

Here is what the account stands at as of 08/04/2019:

Total in the New Car Fund:                                           $6,186.06

Amount to Goal:                                                                $18,813.94

We made it to $6,000. Probably way less than what I would have expected when I started to side hustle at the beginning of the year, but because of the way I allocate my side hustle income, this is as much as I can do in the moment.

This week was a bit slower than I would have expected and it was due to me taking Saturday off to record 13 lessons, yes 13 lessons for my fall class. I’m traveling off and on the next 10 days and I won’t have time to record those lessons until after my travels and I didn’t want it to sit that long without getting some headway. So I took Saturday off to focus on that and then it the ground running on Sunday. This also means Week 33 and 34 will stink as far as savings time because I won’t have a full day to side hustle until the middle of week 34. I might try to get a few in on Week 33, but that’s gonna be tough.

Well, week 32 was kind of boring same ole, same ole. But I’m glad were able to stash away $200 into the savings.

Remember, all of the money that goes into the NDNC savings is from side hustle jobs. See my posts about side hustle income here.

That’s it, see you next week.