/directions: where to start?/

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If you are like me when I first started to understand personal finance, then you would be lost. I get it, we don’t teach personal finances in school and often times than not, we see a perception that everyone is doing great with their finances, but in reality they are way over their heads.

Financial Grit is all about getting knowledge to our readers that is practical and easy to use. There are some areas where you might need more advanced knowledge and/or advanced level resources. I don’t want you to spend so much time thinking about the advance levels when you can’t even achieve them JUST YET!

Below is how I would start my journey to Personal Finance IntelligenceTM if you are using this site to get ahead (there are some topics that I don’t cover that you should probably look into way before the content below, but you’re here now trying to understand all of this, so I’m giving you directions on your personal finance journey).