April 2019

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Income Information

Grocery Delivery (Instacart & Shipt) - $1,583.28
Food Delivery (Grubhub, Doordash, & Favor) - $43.71
Secret Shopper (Market Force) - $18.00
Total Side Hustle Income for April 2019 - $1,644.99

The Commentary

April was a pretty good month overall. After 4 months of this side hustling thing, I would say I have finally found my groove. During the first three months I was trying to understand what side hustles were matching with my free time as well as provided a good return for my time. Many of these side hustles involve an exchange of time versus money. So it’s not like a rental property or a YouTube channel per se when you create and then really do nothing (not to say you do nothing, trust me I know there is a lot of work involved).

The Break Down

Grocery Delivery - $1,583.28

Based on my analysis over the past three months, I am starting to get the idea that in my area this is the best opportunity that mixes my own talents, time, and money. The amount I make on a per hour basis from grocery delivery can be done with the food delivery platforms, but it is always based on the individual’s talents and their ability to hustle. I guess I can hustle more in the grocery store than I can delivering fast food.

We are heading into the slower season of grocery delivery, as I have been told. This means that this side hustle may see a decrease in amounts as the summer goes on. I hope not because that’s the best chance I can make the most, but only experience will tell. Next month I will be taking a full week off so I am most interested on how I can balance the week off with the amount of side hustle income I make in May.

Food Delivery - $43.71

There was only one day in which I did food delivery…EASTER Sunday. A couple of reasons for this included the stores being closed for Easter (couldn’t grocery shop then) and I was getting bored sitting at home doing nothing. Luckily there were some restaurants that were open during Easter and I took advantage of that. Honestly, the food delivery wasn’t really worth my time from the standpoint of what I would have been paid if I could do grocery shopping, but I’ll take it since I was bored at home already.

Secret Shopper - $18.00

Technically, I can’t tell you which stores I secret shop in because that would be a violation of the terms and conditions for secret shoppers, but most of what we do is food related. The reason for this shop was due to me flying out of an airport and there happen to be shop at the airport and since I needed to eat, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I didn’t take into account the cost of the shop. I think the cost of the meal was like $9.00 so net I was plus $9.00 out of the $18.00, but I don’t really break down expenses in these income reports just income.

The Wrap Up

For 2019, the amount of Side Hustle Income comes to $6,511.75.

If this is the first time you’re reading one of these reports, you should know that generally speaking, none of this income goes to everyday expenses of running my household. I saw that with a small grain of salt because a portion does go to pay credit cards and sometimes expenses go on the credit cards and so theoretically some of this income does goes towards everyday expenses, but its a little complicated even for me to digest.

A majority of this income goes towards getting a new car. For more information on how I plan to pay for that new car, see my No Debt New Car Reports.

Well, that’s a wrap for April 2019, here comes May which I will take a week off from side hustling because I will be travelling, but I’m gonna try to make it up during my time that I am not traveling.

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