January 2019

Income Information

Grocery Delivery (Instacart & Shipt) - $1,759.68
Food Delivery (Door Dash, Favor, & Grub Hub) - $188.14
Total Side Hustle Income for January 2019 - $1,947.82

The Commentary

Welcome to my first report on my side hustling. I didn’t imagine I would report all of my side hustle income, but I also wanted to show people that if you wanted to make your financial situation better, you can absolutely do that and I will attest to that in each one of these reports. I started doing these side gigs at the end of 2018, but payments were made to me in January 2019, so that is where I start with. All income information is based on when I receive the money not when I earned it. There is always a delay on when you earn the money and when you are paid.

Another thing you should know is that I am a teacher by trade and therefore I started this during my winter break when I have plenty of time. The income I am reporting is really based on the first 3 weeks of January instead of the entire month because when I went back to school I had to decrease this effort by a lot (my job comes first).

It all started on December 24th when I received my first package from a grocery delivery company. That day is when I started too. I activated my card and I was off. Literally 3 days later I received my card from a food delivery service and I was off on that too.

I hope you enjoy these reports and enjoy the commentary around them.

The Break Down

Grocery Delivery - $1,759.68

If you told me I’d make over a $1,000 on grocery delivery I would have told you to take a hike. Then we get to the end of January and when I total all of my earnings for the month I am shocked at how much I earned. About 80% of this was earned in the first 3 weeks of January when I wasn’t working my full-time job…full-time. As a teacher I am still working during the “winter break” preparing for spring semester, but I have more flexible time rather than a rigid schedule. During the first three weeks I worked 95.67 hours on grocery delivery (about 32 hours a week). Based on my first months data, I think I made around $16.00 an hour for the month, but then again, I do have to pay for self-employment taxes, income tax, and fuel expenses which lowers that $16.00 per hour amount (you can’t compare this $16 to your employee job hourly pay). It isn’t a bad gig for my free time at all.

Food Delivery - $188.14

I’ve been using food delivery services for like 2 years. I would travel to places where I didn’t have a car and would use either Postmates or DoorDash to get my food to my location. I always wanted to do Uber because of the money you could make, but didn’t want other people in my car, so this led me to food delivery. It wasn’t until I moved to a big city that I was able to actually apply as a food delivery driver. Actually, I think I applied to my first food delivery before I applied to the grocery shopping. However this came 2nd and the grocery shopping came first. As you can see, I kind of fell in love with grocery deliver more than food delivery, but it’s cool to compare and contrast. My first few days at food delivery were awesome. Any time I got on, it was busy and I got my first cash tip of $7.00, all in $1 bills. I thought for sure they weren’t going to tip (kind of a sketching part of town), but they did and they were appreciative. I can’t believe I made $188 delivering people’s food. I actually signed up for another food delivery service and their income is included in the $188.14. So two delivery platforms are included in the $188.14. One pays more than the other, but one is more work than the other, so it balances itself out.

The Wrap Up

For 2019, the amount of Side Hustle Income comes to $1,947.82.

If this is the first time you’re reading one of these reports, you should know that generally speaking, none of this income goes to everyday expenses of running my household. I saw that with a small grain of salt because a portion does go to pay credit cards and sometimes expenses go on the credit cards and so theoretically some of this income does goes towards everyday expenses, but its a little complicated even for me to digest.

A majority of this income goes towards getting a new car. For more information on how I plan to pay for that new car, see my No Debt New Car Reports.

Well, that’s a wrap for month number 1, here comes February. I am back at full-time work, so I have no idea what next month is going to look like. Hopefully I can continue this so I can report back my side hustle income.

If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at hello@financialgrit.com or leave a comment below.