July 2019

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Income Information

Grocery Delivery (Instacart & Shipt) - $1,952.75
Food Delivery (Favor, Door Dash, & GrubHub) - $52.25
Secret Shopper (Market Force) - $13.00
Mail Survey - $10.00
Total Side Hustle Income for July 2019 - $2,028.00

The Break Down

Grocery Delivery - $1,952.75

It was another month of grocery delivery, but not as much as I thought I was going to do. Secretly I had a goal of hitting $750 - $1,000 each week, but after getting into the month I realized that I had to prepare for a busy fall and that preparation needed to start now rather than later (I hate procrastinating if I can help it, I do procrastinate, but usually the reason is not a good one). Well fast forward to July and I averaged $488.19 a week. Not nearly the $750 - $1,000 I was hoping for.

I did have some good weeks here when I used my knowledge from the last 6 months. My average hourly rate was $21.86. That is gross, which doesn’t take into account expenses. After expenses (mainly mileage reimbursement) my hourly rate was reduced to $16.91. $16.91 per hour isn’t bad at all. It’s important to note that there are times that I won’t make that much and there are times that I will make more. I can tell you that last week (which isn’t included in this total) I didn’t hit $21.86 gross and $16.91, it was well below. You just have to make it work during those times.

Food Delivery - $52.25

I do not do food delivery much these days as the pay just doesn’t match up with grocery delivery when it comes to my area (each area is different and what might make sense for me doesn’t necessarily make sense for you so be careful when you dive straight into one of these methods thinking that the other isn’t profitable, you might be wrong in your assumption). The reason that I did food delivery is because GrubHub will deactivate you if you are inactive in a 60 day period. Since I was coming up to that point, I thought I would just do one to keep myself active. Actually I committed 3 hours to it, but I didn’t get anything after the first hour so I stopped and ran on another platform for the rest of the night. The results are a little misleading because $25 of the $52.25 was a referral of another person to Favor. I got $25 for doing that. So really, I only made $27.25 on food delivery which translated to a gross pay per hour of $11.35. After expenses it came out to $1.69 per hour. Not really worth it at all. But that’s okay, the gas required to do those job probably didn’t top $6 so really I came out with $20 for 2.4 hours. Still not good, but when you need cash, there is always a way.

Secret Shopper - $13.00

This month I saw a secret shop for a fast casual restaurant that I frequent so I decided to go do it. The meal itself costs $10.50, so I basically received $2.50 in compensation for 45 minutes of work, but really…did I really work for $2.50?

What you need to know about secret shops is that often you won’t be paid enough to make it a full-time endeavor or even a good side hustle. These are opportunities to shop at your favorite places for basically free or a reduced cost. I don’t know if I would have eaten out that day, but at least I don’t feel guilty going out to eat since someone else is paying for it.

Mail Survey - $10.00

One day I opened my mail and I saw this letter from the Lumina Foundation and NORC at the University of Chicago. The letter stated that if I did a survey, they would send me $10. I can’t even remember how long the survey took, but it couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes or so. Well I did the survey and a few weeks later I received another letter in the mail with a letter and $10 in cash (you should never mail cash in the postal system). So I literally received $10 in cash for doing a survey and I am not even mad about it (could you really be mad about it?).

This does happen from time to time. So make sure to check your junk mail because you never know when cash will just show up (I believe Nielsen also sends cash for getting information related to your watching habits, so make sure you look out for that - I’ve got that once before).

The Wrap Up

For 2019, the amount of Side Hustle Income comes to $13,169.49. This is not necessarily where I thought I would be, but I think at month 4 I thought I would be around $20,000 for the year. Based on my projections I should hit about $22,576 for the year which is AWESOME. Which basically translate to about $10K towards my goal of saving up to pay for a car in all cash. You can see that blog over here.

If this is the first time you’re reading one of these reports, you should know that generally speaking, none of this income goes to everyday expenses of running my household. I say that with a small grain of salt because a portion does go to pay credit cards and sometimes expenses go on the credit cards and so theoretically some of this income does goes towards everyday expenses, but its a little complicated even for me to digest.

A majority of this income goes towards getting a new car. For more information on how I plan to pay for that new car, see my Pay in Cash Car Challenge blog here.

That is it for July 2019. Over $13,000 of side hustle income for the year.

Until next month, keep on hustling.

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