June 2019

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Income Information

Grocery Delivery (Instacart & Shipt) - $1,749.96
Total Side Hustle Income for June 2019 - $1,749.96

The Commentary

This is kind of disappointing, especially when I thought I was going to be able to bring the side hustle money in this month. I mean, I didn’t realistically think I was going to blow it out, I just thought I would be able to do well in June.

$1,749.96 isn’t a horrible number, but definitely not like the blow out month in May.

It is important to note that the main reason for the decrease of income was due to my teaching schedule and needing time to prepare for my summer classes. This left very little time to actually do any side hustling.

In addition, towards the end of the month I was contracted to do a survey for a textbook (which I don’t usually include in my side hustle reports because not everyone can do that side hustle and I really want this blog to be all about side hustling you can ACTUALLY do). I still haven’t been paid by the end of June, but it’s basically $400 of which I will not include in my July report.

The Break Down

Grocery Delivery - $1,749.96

I really just did grocery delivery because I really couldn’t do anything else especially when most of my time off was on Sundays. Sundays are the biggest days for grocery deliveries, so it is all about maximizing my time and money and this is where it was.

I did have a great first week of June where $844.46 was earned, which also meant the rest of the month I was only able to earn $905.50. This was attributed to Summer School and teaching a 5-week class. Which literally meant that each day of class represented a full week in a regular semester. I had to spend 8 plus hours to prepare for each 2 hour class period. (I haven’t taught this class in a while, which meant I had to redesign it from the ground up).

The first week of June’s income was when I only had to work three of the 4 days, so I had an extra day or so for side-hustling. Not the case the rest of the month. July, I’m off, so there is a lot of opportunity there.to make money).

The Wrap Up

For 2019, the amount of Side Hustle Income comes to $11,141.49. Since this is half way point for 2019, it is estimated that by the end of the year I should attain $22,282.98, but we know that means nothing unless it actually happens. I suspect I can get close to that number if not exceed it. In July, my goal is to achieve a $1,000 a week for 3 weeks (the first two weeks of July is going to be a bust, but I expect the 3 weeks after won’t be).

If this is the first time you’re reading one of these reports, you should know that generally speaking, none of this income goes to everyday expenses of running my household. I say that with a small grain of salt because a portion does go to pay credit cards and sometimes expenses go on the credit cards and so theoretically some of this income does goes towards everyday expenses, but its a little complicated even for me to digest.

A majority of this income goes towards getting a new car. For more information on how I plan to pay for that new car, see my Pay in Cash Car Challenge blog here.

That is it for June 2019.

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